[RPG] How to gain permanent/regularly usable spell resistance


I am looking for a way to gain permanent or at least regularly usable (eg. daily) spell resistance, that preferably scales with character.

Because of the character concept, I'd like to avoid using the following as a source of the SR:

  • Divine magic
  • Primary spellcaster classes (although bard-ish casting is fine)
  • Races (and templates if possible)

Magic items are fine, but they usually seem too pricey to be useful. If there is a magic item that grants such an ability and isn't overpriced, I'd be glad to hear it.

Allowed sources are all, but anything that seems to be exploiting loopholes or the like may and probably will be banned.

I am not looking for an entire build, but rather, if possible, bits and pieces that grant SR that I could incorporate into my character.

Is there a way to gain such powers?

Secondarily, anything that grants bonuses against spells or gives a different defensive advantage against them and fulfills given criteria will also be appreciated.

Best Answer

There are a few options if you're willing to take certain classes to get them:

The simplest way would be to be a Monk. At level 13, Monks get SR equal to level + 10, which will stay good forever. The only downside is that Monk is considered by many to be an underpowered class, and might not be powerful enough in other areas. There's also the Tattooed Monk prestige class, which gets a whole bunch of short-duration buffs, including SR equal to class level + 15, which isn't quite as good as the regular Monk gets.

The Occult Slayer from Complete Warrior is a 5 level prestige class that gives several anti-spell bonuses: you get +3 to saves against spells, you can use spell turning on 2 spells per day as a free action, passive nondetection and immunity to mind-affecting spells. It's a melee combat style class.

The Gray Hand Enforcer is a Faerun-specific class that grants SR equal to 5 + character level, and is a melee/caster class.

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