[RPG] How to generate reasonable prices for goods and services not listed in the PHB


One of my biggest headaches as a DM (though perhaps I am overcomplicating things) is coming up with consistent prices for goods and services not listed in the reference books for a medieval setting (or any setting for that matter) campaign I'm running. Does anyone have any rules of thumb, or better yet, some overarching online encyclopedia (…in my dreams :-P) for the cost of items/services and how they vary them for settlements/villages/towns/cities in times of peace/war/etc?

Best Answer

Generate them randomly. You'll save yourself a lot of grief, and you won't have to spend a lot of time elbow-deep in rulebooks. Assuming a typical faux-medieval system of copper/silver/gold...

Could any peasant get this? Then its price is in copper. Would the resources of a town/city be needed for this thing to happen? Its price is silver. Is it something you'd expect to change the course of an adventure, like a weapon or a spell? Its price is in gold. Highest value coinage takes precedence.

Roll 2d20 times the level of the relevant PC. Bingo -- you have a price. It may not be consistent from a world-economy-simulation standpoint, but it will give players a reasonable expectation that will grow with their characters' experience.

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