[RPG] How to get around being unable to read with blindsight


I am preparing to play a character who's only form of vision is magical blindsight with a range of 60 feet. I have a couple questions about how it interacts with other effects.

  1. Scrying spells, such as Clairaudience say that they function even if I am blind as if they were a separate sensory organ. Since I can't read with blindsight can I use a scrying spell to obtain the benefits of items that require them read, such as a manual or tome?
  2. Are there any other ways for me to obtain the information from a book, scroll, etc. either through a magic item or spell that perhaps puts the info straight into my mind? More specifically is there a way for me to effectively be a wizard with a spell book?

Best Answer

  1. As you linked from the (Scrying) subschool description, a Clairvoyance spell explicitly allows a blind character to see.

    it functions normally even if you have been blinded, deafened, or otherwise suffered sensory impairment.

    Items that need to be read sound like use-activated items, which are "generally straightforward and self-explanatory". That would mean that if you can read it (which you can do through (Scrying) spells, assuming you can read), well, then you can read it.

    A problem with your specific example is that Clairvoyance lasts for 1 min./level, but it takes a total of 48 hours to read a tome.

    In any case, this is definitely something whose specifics you're going to have to work out with your DM rather than divine from the rules text - the rules are of rather limited help in situations this detailed.

  2. To read without reading, I recommend the Scholar's Touch spell from Races of Destiny. In short, it absorbs the information from a book into your mind in one round.

    Whether it is sufficient to become a Wizard with a spellbook - I direct you towards your DM again. What exactly a Wizard does with their spellbook when preparing spells isn't well defined, what we do have is on page 178 of the Player's Handbook.

    To play a blind Wizard in general, I would either dispense with the spellbook or simply ask the GM if the character can have their own personal spellbook in braille.

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