[RPG] How to get more triggers for reaction attacks


I have been considering making a character that is a very reactive combatant. I want it to be a character that makes as many opportunity attacks as possible, and I am wondering if anybody knows of any feats, abilities or traits that grant additional reaction attack triggers, beyond the ones I am already familiar with. For example the fighter maneuver riposte adds, when a creature misses them (trigger), a player can expend a superiority die to make an attack.

So far I know of:


  • Moving out of threatened area


  • Mage Slayer

  • Polearm Master

  • Sentinel


  • Riposte Maneuver

Best Answer

Here are all the options officially released

(as of 5-3-2018) (italics indicates that the feature must be used by an ally)

Class Features

  • Barbarian (Path of the Berserker): Retaliation [PHB]
  • Fighter (Battle Master): Combat Superiority: Commander's Strike [PHB]
  • Fighter (Battle Master): Combat Superiority: Riposte [PHB]
  • Fighter (Cavalier): Hold the Line [XGtE]
  • Fighter (Banneret): Inspiring Surge [SCAG]
  • Monk (Way of Shadow): Opportunist [PHB]
  • Paladin (Oath of Vengeance): Soul of Vengeance [PHB]
  • Ranger (Hunter): Hunter's Prey: Giant Killer [PHB]
  • Ranger (Monster Hunter): Slayer's Counter [XGtE]


  • Mage Slayer [PHB]
  • Sentinel [PHB]
  • Polearm Master [PHB]
  • Orcish Fury [XGtE]


  • Standard opportunity attack [PHB]

Monster forms/summons

  • Gnoll Pack Lord: Incite Rampage [MM]
  • Orc Blade of Ilneval: Ilneval's Command [VGtM]
  • Tanarukk: Unbridled Fury [VGtM]
  • Warlord: Command Ally [VGtM]
  • Gnoll Witherling: Vengeful Strike [VGtM]
  • Hellenrae: Parry and Counter [PotA]
  • Broom of Animate Attack: Animated Attack [CoS]
  • Duergar Kavalrachni: Cavalry Training [OotA]

Multiple Reaction Attacks

While not strictly a feature that allows a reaction attack, the Fighter (Cavalier) is the only class that allows multiple opportunity attacks in one round with its level 18 feature Vigilant Defender.

(There are also a number of monsters that can use multiple reactions that I won't list as it is unlikely to be particularly useful since those monsters only can use standard opportunity attacks and you lose your class features and feats when under the effects of true polymorph)

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XGtE: Xanathar's Guide to Everything
SCAG: Sword's Coast Adventurer's Gudie
MM: Monster Manual
PotA: Princes of the Apocalypse
CoS: Curse of Strahd
OotA: Out of the Abyss

Note: Here is a useful source for looking at player options for Reaction; not just limited to reaction attacks and doesn't consider monsters, but it is a useful source (Thanks @V2Blast): Master of Reactions - A Mini Guide