[RPG] How to get Pack Flanking on a non-Hunter character


Is there a way to get the feat Pack Flanking on a non Hunter class character? Keeping in mind that the teamwork feat requires both the character and companion to have it.

Best Answer

Give the animal companion a magic item granting the feat Pack Flanking

The challenging prerequisites for the teamwork feat Pack Flanking make the feat extremely difficult for most other classes besides the hunter (using the special ability hunter tactics) and the cavalier (using the special ability tactician) to use in conjunction with their animal companions.1 Magic items are the easiest way to circumvent the feat's overly restrictive prerequisites.

The character must still meet the prerequisites of the feat Pack Flanking in the first place, but these items mean the animal companion won't have to meet those same—and for the companion, likely impossible—prerequisites.

1 To have one's animal companion meet the feat's prerequisites, one could award the animal companion a wayfinder with the random resonant power of Combat Expertise (just pop in an ioun stone and roll the 21!) or maybe the 3rd-party weapon tooth of the narwhal (and never have inland adventures again!) then the animal companion could take the feat Animal Ally (convincing the GM that an animal with 4 Hit Dice is as if the creature possesses 4 levels, which it is) (note that there's probably a rule against nested companions somewhere), but, afterward, one must still somehow increase one's animal companion's Intelligence score to 13 (a difficult and expensive but not impossible task). This is not recommended. Just use a saddle or ring.