[RPG] How to get the family to play D&D with me?


I have not played D&D in a long time, and I have never been a Dungeon Master. I want to play again. How would I get my family to play with me?

I don't have a close group of friends. What would I need? Because I have nothing except one game set of dice.

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If you don't mind playing the most recent edition ...

You can do what a lot of people have done over the past 5 years, and get the D&D Starter set, or the more recently released Essentials Set

Some basics on introduction ...

The starter set has enough material to get you started. A key to doing this successfully is to discover the game together as a family. Long before this edition, which is built to be more newbie friendly than the edition I had when my kids expressed an interest, my kids enjoyed learning the game together.

We played with a light touch. And that's the key to introducing this game: the emphasis on fun. We had a session at a hotel lobby a few years later, where my younger brother, two nieces, and a nephew joined us. Newbies all. (Granted, earlier edition, but I was still DM). It went very well. Why? DM kept a light touch, and erred in favor of the players.

DM advice; keep play (turn taking) moving and when in doubt, err in favor of the players.

My wife joined for a few sessions but eventually decided it was not her cup of tea. That's also fine: forcing it is a poor strategy with a family member.

Sine you'll all be new, it may be fun for the kids to take turns being the Dungeon Master after a few sessions of getting used to the game. You'll need to see how that goes after the first session or two.

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