[RPG] How to give an Ooze an Intelligence score


Is there some legit way of giving an Ooze an intelligence score in 3.5e? I mean, without resorting to GM handwaves, or creating custom statblocks.

Best Answer

Yes, there is a rather quick way to do it in fact. Apply the Sentry Ooze inherited template from Dungeonscape p.114 to the creature.

You will lose the ooze's "mindlessness", which mean it can be affected by Enchantment, but it now have feats, skills, and animal Intelligence (Int < 3) in exchange without too much hassle.

Else you can apply any number of templates that require "living, corporeal creature" that improve Intelligence, for example:

  • Half-dragon (don't think too much about the logistics) (SRD)
  • Half-fiend
  • Half-Illithid
  • Paragon (finally, something that is not Half-something else!!!)
  • Favored Spawn of Kyuss (Age of Worms Adventure Path)

Or templates that make its Intelligence at least something, like:

  • Celestial / Fiendish / Anarchic / Axiomatic (SRD)

Or have an "evil wizard or sorcerer" and apply "Worm that Walk" template (type become Ooze, but still keep mental score (Int, Wis, and Cha)