[RPG] How to give the Iron Man Artificer build sustained flight without wings


I was trying to make myself Iron Man in D&D 5e. I selected the Armorer Artificer subclass and got Infiltrator armor for the lightning launchers. Now, I need a way to fly and I can't find a way to get sustained flight without wings. Any ideas?

Edit: I am looking for a way to have permanent flight without having/using wings.

Best Answer

Your Artificer can fly without (large) wings at level 10

I don't know of any way for an artificer to gain sustained flight without any wings at all, but if you're willing to accept some small wings on your feet, then at 10th level you can select Replicate Winged Boots as one of your infusions. These don't give you permanent flight, but they do give you 4 hours of flight per day, which is probably as much flight time as you're likely to need during an average day of adventuring. It's not exactly zipping around the sky at Mach 1, but it's better than nothing.

Of course, if you really want no wings, even a moderately lenient DM will probably let you "re-flavor" the boots however you like, e.g. as antigravity hover boots, rocket boots, etc. instead of boots with literal wings on the heels, as long as they produce the same effect. The class description of the Artificer even encourages such embellishment.