[RPG] How to handle a blinded enethe which wants to attack someone it’s sure is there


Say my players blinded a goblin, through either magical or non magical means, and the goblin knew that there was someone within 5 feet of it from before it got blinded. That goblin decides to flail around wildly in the hopes of hitting something.

How should I handle this goblin's attempt to attack? How should I roll to see if any players within 5 feet get hit?

Best Answer

A blinded creature must still state where (i.e. which direction/square) they are aiming their attack towards.

Typically, the goblin would know where the players are unless the players have taken an action to Hide. In this case the goblin could still make a Wisdom(Perception) check to determine the players' location.

If instead, for Rule of Fun, you want your blinded goblin to panic and, as you say, flail around wildly, then you could simply roll a d8 to randomly determine the square he attacks!

If the square the goblin attacks is empty, then the attack obviously just misses. Otherwise, as per the Blinded condition, the blind creature makes the attack at disadvantage.