[RPG] How to handle a player asking insistently about game secrets between sessions


I usually like to give little bits and pieces of information to the group to get them excited about the upcoming session, but nothing that could be considered spoilers, something like:

I had a bunch of time to work on a couple of new NPCs, I think you'll like them

That has been working very well, the group looks forward to the next session and I can usually deliver on the content I promised, but there is a problem.


There is a player in my game who keeps asking questions about the next sessions and secret lore in general, things like:

  • So, what god will I be able to meet soon?
  • Can I have the rulebook for a second? I have to check out the creatures and gods sections.
  • I sure hope I get to meet a powerful mage in the next session.

I like to keep an air of mystery about the adventure, so the fact that he keeps reading the GM section of the rulebook (which contains monsters and gods, and all their rules and stats) and pointing out things like "oh, finally I know what that encounter was!" bothers me.

I tried telling him that he can't see the rulebook and that I can't tell him anything that would spoil the adventure, so that he would enjoy it more. But he insists on talking about the adventure outside of the sessions, and it doesn't help that I have a hard time telling people "No", and the fact that I'd like to accommodate everyone.

I also considered the option of telling him fake information about the adventure so that he won't spoil any surprises, but that still won't help with his obsession about the rulebook.

The Question

How can I (politely possibly) tell him that his behaviour is not helping the "natural" flow of the adventure?

The other players already know that and usually keep quiet about the adventure in between sessions, so they aren't a problem.
I would also like to keep him in the group as it is very small and there aren't many RPG enthusiasts in my area.

The player in question has been playing tabletops RPGs for about 2 years, so he's experienced. He also GMs some campaigns; he tends to give out a lot of information about his campaigns too, if that helps.

Best Answer

So, your problem is that you have an enthusiastic player... This is a good problem to have.

First and foremost: talk to your player in a candid and friendly manner about your concerns and stress that you want to find a solution where the both of you are happy. This is just normal social interactions and not really within the scope of this site.

Having said that: How about redirecting said player's effort into something that serves your purpose? Many games settings and systems actively encourage players taking part in world creation. The trick is to understand that this is a collaborative effort but your (as GM) judgement is final.

So, if your player wants to meet a "powerful mage", let said player create the mage as an NPC with stats (if you use a system), history (rumours only, some maybe true, some false, some partially true), and relationships to other NPCs that are around.

So, if your player want to meet a God. How about he wrote up a temple (with NPCs, locations, problems, and adventures seeds) for one of your Gods. Event better if he misunderstands some of the tenets of the god's religion: he just created a new sect, or heretics, or whatever.

This will make your world much richer and hopefully more enjoyable to the player. There is nothing stopping you from including the other players in the world building — in fact, I would recommend offering them the opportunity. As for the sense of mystery, this actually enhances it as you get more world to explore regardless of whether one persons knows some rumours about something and the GM knows the truth.