[RPG] How to handle the DM’s requirement that I play a female character in his one-shot when I don’t feel comfortable with doing so


My DM is doing a one shot in-universe for a historical moment in our main campaign's world, and my DM is requiring that I play a female character. I'm not really comfortable with this, nor the personality I will have to portray.

How can I best not be a spoilsport?

He won't re-gender one of the characters for me. I know women are just people too but it still makes me uneasy.

Best Answer

Don't do something that makes you uncomfortable

RPGs should be fun for everyone involved. If you are actually uncomfortable with this the DM should not be asking you to do it. As is always the best advice you should talk to the DM respectfully outside the game and explain that this isn't something you want to do.

If they still insist you must play a female character against your wishes you have two options:

  1. Don't play. This isn't the game for you. Explain that you don't feel comfortable participating and hope they have fun for the one-shot.
  2. Make the best of it. If you are able to overcome the discomfort then this could be a great opportunity to roleplay outside of your normal character. We have a great question on this site that goes into techniques for roleplaying a female as man. I suggest you check it out for better advice than I could give.

Personal Experience

About 6 months ago my main character decided to leave the party for key story reasons. In order to continue playing in the next few sessions the DM suggested I should take over the female NPC that was travelling with our party. Initially I was hesitant to play a female full time. I had done it as a DM but never as a player.

After I started play the fact the character was a female wasn't an issue however. I grew attached to the character and am still playing her. I'm not saying this will happen for you but if you are willing to give it a go it may be easier than you think.