[RPG] How to keep spells from trivializing survival needs


I'm planning a hexcrawl with the focus on travel in the perilous wilderness, clear group-roles definitions, and resources (time, rations) expenditure.

I'm wondering what should I do with spells that make travelling too easy (spells like Goodberry for example)?

Best Answer

Hard core resting rules

A short rest is 8 hours and a long rest is anything from 24 hours to a week in a safe place with access to food and water. That makes hit dice, and even lower level slots much more valuable. This way you aren't technically nerfing classes and they can use some of those powers today and maybe tomorrow, but the next long rest could be over a week away.

EDIT: This can be found in the DMG on page 267, but there is not much more than what I have said. (Thank you for reminding me, Ghostship). For the campaigns I'm involved with, a week for a long rest is too long, so we used a full 24 hours for long rests. It is also worth saying that D&D is not a "realistic" game, and other systems do survival better if you want that as a campaign focus. D&D is fine if you just want some survival elements in you campaign.

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