[RPG] How to keep track of statuses and conditions


Every round someone is getting dazed, marked, bloodied, quarried, cursed, blinded, slowed, penalized, buffed, stunned, or taking ongoing damage… the list goes on.

At paragon tier with a six-player party it's starting to get overwhelming to keep track of all the different statuses both as a DM and as a player. We're forgetting to make saves and mistakenly ignoring statuses just because they were imposed so long ago (a full round can take up to 30 minutes sometimes). I can only imagine how much more chaotic it will get as we progress.

What strategies are there to keep track of all this information visually, so that all players can clearly see and remember what's going on?

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See my answer to What is a good combat tracker for D&D 4th Edition? for several common techniques.

We use stack-able 1" tokens (I cut them with a laser cutter), hand-cut translucent folders for non-mobile area effects, and pipe-cleaners for smaller, mobile effects like stances.

Auras and Status Pipe Cleaners are mobile

Another clever thing I've seen is all paper (download them at By Decree of the Czar)

Paper Conditions

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