[RPG] How to make a Character use a device such as a magic sword after a teleport or dash


First and foremost if you didn't get it from the question this is talking about Mutants and Masterminds. and its a question about character building. Im not sure how to tell but I think its second edition. all I know its it isnt the one that splits Dex into three separate stats

I would like to know the appropriate Powers to make a character both Dash a set distance and attack with his magic sword which is a 3 point device As a regular equipment point sword doesnt have powers. or teleport and Use the magic sword.

the character also needs to be able to use the magic sword for normal non-teleport attacks and the Dash or teleport needs to be expandable to allow for the addition of other powers later such as a Explosion or trip

Best Answer

(Assuming 2nd edition) Simply use the two powers one after the other using a Move action and a Standard action. Dash, strike. Simple as that.

Your Dashing power should be either Speed 2 (if you only want to dash on walkable distance) or Teleport 2 (with flaws to limit destination to perception) if you want to be able to dash an enemy even if he's flying or above the ground.

Your attack power will be strike on your device. If you have any strength, take only 1 rank and add the power feat Mighty (so it adds your strength to the Damage bonus).

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