[RPG] How to make realistic looking potions as handouts


I'd like to give my group some realistic looking potions as handouts. Does anyone have tips on how I could make these look awesome?

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The Bottle

The hardest part about this is finding a good bottle. Bottles that look like "potion bottles" aren't that easy to find most of the year. A good prop shop might have them, but often times they're found in antique stores.

Another option is LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) stores. They're all about equipment and props, and some will carry potion bottles. Here's one that I found quickly. I don't know where you are, so I can't do a search to find one close to you, but Amazon, eBay, or Google bring up options fairly quickly.

The Liquid

Once you have a good bottle, the liquid is easier. You want something that people can drink safely even if it's sitting out for a while, as someone might decide to get into the game and upend the bottle. Water with food-grade coloring is safe, and inexpensive.

Sugary drinks like lemonade work too (and are tasty), but you'll want to make sure to clean the bottles after use to avoid them getting sticky. Fizzy drinks will go flat, so I don't think those are ideal.

Wine is an alcoholic option if you're playing with adults. Beer would be hard to keep carbonated in a little potion bottle and would probably look odd if it got a head after you poured it.

If you want them to be realistic, try to come up with a color scheme for types of potions and stick to it. You don't want one cure wounds potion to be blue, and another one to be red. That's confusing. You could use blue for those potions, with the darkness of the color telling you how strong it is.

If you want to label them, use tags that tie on rather than sticky labels. Sticky labels are harder to reuse, and they don't look realistic for a fantasy themed game.

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