[RPG] How to move an enethe


In close combat I often want to flip or trip enemies across my body. For instance last night I wanted to flip an enemy that was in front of me into a fire that was burning behind me. This seems in the realm of possibility, but all the rules allow is for me to either grapple/hold the enemy and walk both of us into the fire or to move behind the enemy and shove them into the fire.

Obviously I don't want to walk into the fire, and moving away and back takes a while and allows opportunity attacks.

How do I deal with this type of action? Basically the action is either a shove that is not in the direction I am facing, or it is a grapple and move where I am releasing the enemy in an adjacent square.

Best Answer

Your character can do things not covered by the actions in this chapter […] The only limits to the actions you can attempt are your imagination and your character's ability scores. (PHB, p. 193)

Melee isn't limited to or defined by a list of mechanical actions. Creative maneuvers in combat are not only possible, they're expected by the game and it provides rules for them. Flip to page 193 and read the sidebar — it's a core rule, notice, not marked as a variant or optional rule.

To reposition an enemy by flipping them, you just need your DM's buy-in that it's possible or reasonable (because ruling on that sort of thing is the DM's job), and then they and you will use the Improvising an Action rule to resolve it. It's a simple process:

  1. Describe what you're attempting
  2. The DM decides if it's possible
  3. If so, they tell you what to roll

When you describe an action not detailed elsewhere in the rules, the DM tells you whether that action is possible and what kind of roll you need to make, if any, to determine success or failure.