[RPG] How to overcome spell resistance


Is there a reasonably complete collection of ways for casters to overcome spell resistance?

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The most reliable method of overcoming SR is to use spells that bypass it. You can use d20pfsrd.com's spells DB to filter out all spells that require a caster level check when they encounter SR, or look for "Spell Resistance: no" in the spell descriptions. Conjuration spells are especially good in this area.

As others have mentioned, buffing the party is often a good way to contribute without having to beat SR. (But note that unless they drop their SR as a standard action, allies with SR will still block applicable spells.)

Extraordinary and supernatural abilities are not affected by SR. For example, most hexes do not require caster level checks.

Finally, there was recently a thread on this subject in the Paizo forums for increasing spell penetration for those situations where SR checks are required. Cao Phen in particular provided a wonderfully comprehensive answer. Here I've copied his list, added a handful of additional niche options, and provided links to the SRD.








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