[RPG] How to prevent the permanencied spell buffs being dispelled


My motivation to finding this answer stems from the reason that you will never get the money back that you spent on permanencied spells. And that moneyloss is what I dislike.

I have been looking for answers for this, and the best ones I got is the use of Spell Immunity (4th level cleric spell), but Dispel Magic and Greater Dispel Magic ignore spell resistance, so that's useless.

Another solution was from 3.5, namely spellblade magic weapon quality. That is not in pathfinder as far as my searches went.

So the question is: how can I prevent enemy spellcasters from dispelling my permanencied buff spells, such as Arcane Sight or Magic Fang, using only pathfinder rulebooks? A third party solution can be mentioned, but notifying which is and isn't Paizo would be swell. Rules trickery can also be mentioned.

Best Answer

There are two things that protect against Dispel Magic:

  1. As per this discussion on the Paizo site: Spells cast on the caster (from that specific list) can only be dispelled by a someone with a higher caster level.
  2. Spell Armor. Per d20pfsrd, Dispel Magic attacks the spell with the highest caster level first. Thus have a spell caster cast a spell on you that is of a caster level higher than the permanent spell. Even if it is the same caster level, it gives a chance that the spell you want to keep will be protected. That's why Mage Armor should be memorized and cast by high level mages who don't need it any more. It doesn't protect their bodies, it protects their spells.

EDIT: Expanding on point 2

This is not a guaranteed defense but it is a defense that is easy to implement. It also has a pretty good chance of succeeding. If your permanent spell is CL 13 and you are now an 18th level caster, you can still cast your Mage Armor at CL 14. This makes sure it gets hit before the permanent spell and is about as likely to get removed as the permanent spell. Any low level, long duration spell works well for this.

It all depends on how paranoid you want to be. You could also cast multiple low level spells to increase the chance that one of them will take the hit (and to soak up those Greater Dispels).

When I'm running a mage and I've gone up significantly in level, I save up the funds to re-cast it at the higher level and do so if it is convenient or don't sweat it if it gets taken out.

Heck I often try to research the spell (GM option here):

Spell Armor
Spell level: 1
Casting time:  Full round action
Components:  VSM (small thin piece of metal)
Duration: 1 hour per level
Target:  You


It automatically fails any caster level check for purposes of dispelling. 

I use to have it fail all caster level effects just to spite Drow before I remembered that they can suppress that.

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