[RPG] How to raise a Warlock Vigilante thestic bolt’s damage


As a Vigilante with the Warlock archetype, is there any possible way to raise the damage of the Mystic Bolt other than a raise in level?

I'm open to any Paizo feats, items, traits or basically anything you can think of.

Best Answer

Anything that can increase the damage of light one-handed weapons.

From the description of Mystic Bolts:

The warlock vigilante attacks with mystic bolts as though they were light one-handed weapons, and the bolts can be used for two-weapon fighting (with each hand creating one mystic bolt) and feats and abilities that apply to weapon attacks (unless they’re excluded from that feat, such as with Power Attack).

The list is pretty vast, but goes from Point Blank Shot, to Rapid Shot, to Weapon Specialization. It also includes your Favored Enemy and Sneak Attacks.


The exception mentioned on Power Attack is a hint of what could work or not for your bolts:

The bonus damage does not apply to touch attacks or effects that do not deal hit point damage.

This will obviously also exclude effects that call for a particular type of one-handed light weapons, such as natural weapons or manufactured weapons. If a feat says that it increases your damage with one-handed light weapons it will apply to your bolts, but if it says one-handed light manufactured weapon it won't, because the bolts are not of the type manufactured from their description.

If the effect lists any special subtype of weapons, they do not apply to your bolts, such as: