[RPG] How to randomize spell scrolls


In 5th edition when a scroll comes up for loot, or when rolling for a robe of useful items, how do you pick which spell is on the scroll? I can't find a table for it.

Best Answer

The simple answer is that you don't need a table . Here are a couple of ways I have done it.

  1. Choose spells (or multiple spells) that you are sure a party spell caster will need or use, or perhaps one that a party Wizard is looking for to copy into his spell book.

  2. Draw them at random from the spell list for a given class and spell level, then roll. Whatever the dice decide is the spell.

    As an example for point 2: there are 22 spells in the 2d level Bard list. Assign them numbers 1-22. Roll a d12 and a d6. 1-3 on the d6 is for spells numbered 1-11 when you roll the d12, 4-6 on the d6 indicates spells numbered 12-22. Any roll of a 12 on the d12 is rolled over. If your rolled 9 and 2, respectively, you'd get Heat Metal as the spell on the scroll. If you rolled 11 and 5, you'd get Zone of Truth. .

I prefer option 1 as a DM, but have used option 2.