[RPG] How to randomly generate a village or town for old school D&D game


There is a lot of material written on random generation of dungeons for play. But inevitably characters have to return from the to spend those ill-gotten gains. And where else but a nearby settlement, be it village, town, or city?

Obviously the larger the settlement the more involved or recursive the process could become. But does anyone have some good methods for quickly generating or stocking a village or town? For example, information like (but not limited to):

  • Local leader (e.g. minor noble, major noble, church official, usurping villian, etc)
  • Defensible structures (wall, keep, castle, etc)
  • Number, size, and affiliation of temples
  • Number and size of taverns or inns
  • Major exports / economic focus

My goal is to be able to generate something like the Keep in the Keep on the Borderlands (or at least a sketch that could be developed into something similar). For reference, I've consulted AD&D 1st edition, D&D 3.5 DMG, A Magical Medieval City Guide, and Judge's Guild Ready Ref Sheets. Now I'm looking for your help and recommendations. Thanks.

Best Answer

Been a while since I've used these and I think most are 3rd ed at best but they are good to have around for ideas. I still use the tavern one all the time.

For taverns try: Link