[RPG] How to recruit brand new players?


I always ask players of computer and online games if they want to try out a tabletop games, and tend to get new groups together who are entirely composed of people who have not experienced role-playing games. How do you recruit new players for your game?

Best Answer

One surprising way to recruit gamers at work: Put a little D&D miniature or a polyhedral dice on your monitor at work. People who are interested will ask about it, and people who know what it is will "out" themselves to you.

Four quick ways to recruit players for a game using online resources

  1. Enworld's Gamers Seeking Gamers forum.

  2. Wizards of the Coast's RPG Gamer Classifieds.

  3. Meetup.com. Put in your Zip Code and "Dungeons and Dragons" and you'll get all the roleplaying groups in your area. (Even if you don't play D&D, I recommend you put in "Dungeons and dragons" in your search, because chances are, a local roleplaying group used it as a tag.)

  4. Warhorn.net has an event listing page here.

And a 5th way: if you are looking for 4e D&D, there's a Living Realms or RPGA group probably not too far from you with a regional yahoo list. In Maryland for example, I would point you to the Baltimroe-RPGA list, the RPGA-DC list, and the LFRNEUSA list to find Living Realms games.