[RPG] How to redeem the unjust


I'm playing a LN paladin (vengeance)/warlock (Great Old One/Tome) soon, and I want to redeem enemies I deem worthy of my mercy.

With create thrall I expect to be in complete control of an enemy at the end of combat.

Is there anything in 5E that would allow me to change someone/thing's alignment? If not, is there anything in previous editions on which I can base such a spell?

Best Answer

You could try talking to them. Certainly, there are magical options that allow you to forcibly change the alignment of a creature, but the good old fashioned method of explaining to a villain the error of their ways is always an option.

(Admittedly, it's a high-maintenance option that's unlikely to succeed without spending a vast amount of time and effort to get the villain to sit still and think and explain their motivations and their formative childhood experiences and the way they think about ethics, so that you can take that information and use it as the basis for a very persuasive series of discussions of your own worldview and how various "good" ethical and moral stances are superior (both for the individual and the group) even within the villain's own view of the world... But then, if it was easy, they'd just ask mad wizards to quit necromancy, instead of hiring paladins to deal with the problem.)

Regardless of method, redeeming villains through play will only be possible with your GM's consent, and that might be harder to obtain than you suspect; there are a variety of reasons why a GM might want to make villains irredeemable or not focus on redemption as a part of gameplay.