[RPG] How to rein in a player who talks over the descriptions


I am a new DM (although I have played D&D before), and I was very excited to play with my friends, but as we started playing I realized there would be a problem.

As I would describe either rooms, or situations, as soon as I mentioned an enemy was near, two of my players would start talking to each other across the table and start talking about battle strategies, loudly enough so my other two players couldn't hear the rest of the descriptions.

All of my four players are new so I tried to explain to them that the way this game works best is if you don't talk over each other, listen to my descriptions, and talk about things after I've finished. But the problem persisted and it began to anger me and my other players.

Best Answer

"Excuse me. Please be quiet. I haven't finished speaking, when I have you can talk as much as you want."

This isn't a game problem, its a manners problem.