[RPG] How to satisfy the RP desire of Knighthood


I'm starting into Pathfinder Society and for once have an idea for a character that is mostly backstory instead of class-driven. More than likely cliche, but I would like to roleplay the idea of a young son leaving his home to search for honor and glory. This character would be the second or third son to a minor Lord. His father, an honorable man, raised him to hold honor above all others. Think of Brienne from Game of Thrones in male form.

Class wise, I believe fighter would be best (two handed fighter specifically) but I honestly have no idea of the depth of Pathfinder classes. I did find a third party Knight class, but I am unsure if PFS allows third party and I'm not so crazy about the class abilities anyways.

So, oh wise sages of the Stack Exchange, I beseech thee:

  • Can a character become Knighted? Would this grant any boons (such as a charisma boost)?
  • Are there any PFS classes that embody the ideals of honor over everything? Paladin leans a bit too far towards the side of good for me. This character would focus on lawful much more than good v evil.
  • Along those lines, could I start fighter and aim for any prestige classes that fit the bill?

Best Answer

Cavalier is literally the "I am a Knight" class

Check it out in the PFSRD - it fills all the various Knight tropes, and isn't...insulting, the way some melee classes can be. Be warned that you may suffer from utility problems when it comes to out-of-combat encounters.

Knighthood confers no non-RP bonuses

Being knighted is an entirely roleplaying-based event and will not boost any of your character's ability scores or otherwise affect their sheet, especially not in Pathfinder Society.

Paladin Can Work, But...

I wouldn't suggest it. PFS can be unforgiving about alignment requirements, and it emphasizes Good over Law, which you've stated that you don't want to do.