[RPG] How to start DMing a new game after the Red Box


I finished playing the D&D beginners Red Box with my friends. Now how do I start DMing another game? Where do I go from here?

Best Answer

I highly recommend adventure that comes in the official Dungeon Master's Kit: The Reavers of Harkenwold. (Note: The physical edition of this product is now out of print, Wizards has made the contents available digitally here)

Dungeon Master's Kit

It contains many of the standard tropes of this genre of role-playing without being trivial or trite. My 24yr old daughter was a first-time DM and ran this adventure quite successfully.

Dungeon Master's Kit Contents

The kit is a box that includes the poster maps, the adventure as two "modules" and all the paper tokens for the characters, NPCs, and monsters in the adventure.

It's a great way to bootstrap your D&D 4e campaign. There is an unusual amount of internet support for these adventures - with adventure logs posted at places like Obsidian Portal, missing maps created by users, and even 3D terrain (if you're so inspired).