[RPG] How to start Hoard of the Dragon Queen with 4th level characters


I'm pretty new to DM'ing and was just wondering if there would be a way to start the hoard of the dragon queen adventure with a group of 4th level characters? There don't really seem to be any modules for that level range yet.

We just finished a short module that took our party to level 4, but id really like to play through this adventure because it seems awesome. Also I couldn't really find any other ones that start around that level so rather than re-roll characters we'll just start a little of the way in.

Best Answer

You could just go ahead and start the scenario right from the start, with no changes. By doing so, though, the earlier episodes will be much easier than they were intended (for at least the first episode, this MIGHT be a good thing, as the difficulty of the first episode can be quite high), the characters will level up much more slowly than they otherwise would, and they would also likely be a higher level than the design intended towards the end of the module.

Alternatively, you could keep the overall encounters the same, but replace the opponents with tougher versions of the same creature, or tougher creatures, or simply with more creatures.

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