[RPG] How to take multiple fighting styles


For a fighter in D&D 5e, I can take one fighting style as part of the character creation. At third level, I can choose a martial archetype (Champion) which will later (at 10th level) allow me to choose an additional fighting style.

Is there any other way to choose multiple fighting styles?

Best Answer

Yes, if multiclassing is allowed.

You can take 2 levels of Paladin to gain an additional fighting style, and/or 2 levels of Ranger to gain another.

James @JamesMusicus
@JeremyECrawford Hi Jeremy, I was wondering about the wording of Fighting Styles in 5e. Can you have more than 1 from multiclassing?

Jeremy Crawford @JeremyECrawford
2:22 AM - 21 Jan 2015