[RPG] How to use a Minigun effectively


So Shadowrun has a number of machine guns and assault cannons, but we still have the iconic minigun variant that allows us to shoot red hot death-lead at things. However, our resident heavy weapons character has been looking at it and can't find the effectiveness for herself. The way it looks, the recoil of the weapon is just too much to be effective. Even with as many slots as they can manage to recoil comp, they still have around -7 or -8 dice, reducing their dicepool to around 5 or 7 if they throw edge. And, when you're trying to mow down multiple people with that gun, you're splitting that pool up and throwing even less, including the -2 for switching targets.

So here's what I'd like to know. How would you build a human who wants to specialize in heavy weapons like the Vindicator and still be able to throw around 6 – 10 dice at a problem once you've spun that thing up. Maybe it's not realistic or even practical, but I'd like to see if it's even possible. Note, I don't care how you build the person, but the current character that's wanting this is building a gun wielding adept.

(You can use either the 400 BP or 750 Karma build)

Best Answer

If you have a Gyroscopic Stabilizer attachment and Gas Vent III modification/attachment, you can get -9 recoil (alternatively, Tripods do the same thing as Gyroscopic Stabilizers but don't help reduce movement mods), you can add a Shock Pad for -10 recoil, which should be plenty, and add Electronic Firing modifications (-11 in total), and you can still put on a Smartgun System. It's also pretty easy to build the final die pool up to 12 just from Agility and Heavy Weapons if you're willing to drop everything else for it, plus the Smartgun means 14 dice if you're totally specialized.

If I correctly understand that you're firing "Full Bursts", you should wind up with 9 recoil, which means you'll completely compensate for it, and the Smartgun System will compensate for one additional target or give a +2 die pool for your shooter.

Alternatively, I think that I read somewhere that you can also get strength/body based recoil reduction (Arsenal or 20th Anniversary Edition, but searching isn't turning it up).

For an adept, put six points in Agility, six points in Heavy Weapons, and max Improved Ability (Heavy Weapons); this should give you 15 dice (consider Natural Aptitude [Heavy Weapons] for the ability to put a seventh point in reaction), add Smartgun System's dice plus headwear (not head*ware*) that adds Smartlink capability, and you're at 17 dice, plus use the modified Vindicator above to get no recoil. If you use Enhanced Attribute [Agility] and Natural Aptitude [Heavy Weapons] you're throwing 19 dice and have 115 BP left out of 400 (and a few thousand Nuyen to spend in addition to what you needed for smartlinked glasses and the Vindicator with modifications). For enhanced lethality, include AV/APDS rounds (or explosive/hollow point ones if you're more open) and fire away. You can also add Attribute Boost or Improved Attribute; if you go the Improved Attribute path you can get an additional point (raising Agility to 8 and giving you 20 dice), though Boosted Attribute is cheaper (but the drain could hurt you). If you were willing to put three more points in Magic you would wind up with Agility 10 after Improved Attribute 3 (Agility), and your final dice should be 22; this would leave you with a mere 70 BP for other things, though, and some money.

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