[RPG] How to you convert a monster into a playable race in Pathfinder?


Alright, I know it's within the rules to create a monster into a playable race. However the method to do so seems to be vague and not well explained. So while previously I asked if it was possible to convert monsters to PC was answered, it didn't answer how to do so in-depth.

If I were to use a CP 2 monster as an example like a Boar, how would this translate into a playable race?

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The Advanced Race Guide brings us rules on how to build new races and how to qualify each racial trait from existing races (humans, elves, dwarves, etc).

The rules can be found here.

Each quality has a RP (Race Points) value, and you can balance the racial traits using the total RP the creature has. You can take a high CR monster and move some abilities to racial traits, such as spell-like abilities and some supernatural abilities.

A Boar is an animal, and with their 1-2 int, they would make a terrible playable race. But let's turn this boar into an humanoid boar, a Boarman.

Our boarmen would likely be either small or medium sized (both 0 RP), and also a monstrous humanoid (3 RP, gains darkvision) due to their animalistic features.

They would have a normal base speed (0 RP). I see that a boar is strong and tough, so let's pick the Flexible (2 RP) ability score modifiers and apply +2 to strenght and constitution scores.

Boars got natural armor +4, so it would make sense to give our boarman Natural Armor +1 (2 RP). They also got toughness as a bonus feat, so we could use the Static Bonus Feat (2 RP) to give our boarmen the same feat.

And finally, boars got a gore natural attack, which could translate as Natural Attack (1 RP) to give our boarmen a gore primary attack that will deal 1d6 damage.

and finally, boars got Scent (4 RP).

That's it, a simple boarman race with a total of 14 Race Points.

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