[RPG] How were Dungeons and Dragons tournaments judged


While reading another question I was introduced to the notion of a D&D tournament.

According to the wikipedia article on the D&D Championship Series, the basic idea of these tournaments is that there are multiple tables of players and GMs. The players can choose a pregenerated character and each table runs the same game each round.

Players are somehow scored on their performance. Wikipedia doesn't describe this, instead saying:

The exact scoring system was kept secret as the scoring may reveal secrets to be discovered in the adventure, as well as to encourage players to play to the spirit of the game, not to the exact scoring checklist

How were players scored in these D&D tournaments? Although I mentioned the D&D Championship Series, my interest is broadly in D&D tournaments – that's merely the only example I currently know of.

Best Answer

Like this:

Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Score Sheet

Score sheet from C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.

To summarize, parties were scored as a whole, not individual characters. Small numbers of points were given and deducted for a variety of specific actions as well as general outcomes, sorted by room/encounter. There were also larger numbers of points given or deducted for big, overarching goals like finishing within time and avoiding/accruing character deaths. Participation points were added so nobody got a negative total score, and GMs could, with approval from tournament organizers, add a small number of discretionary points that, at the maximum total bonus allowed, would be about 1% of the maximum points available.

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