[RPG] How would divine intervention work with an evil God?


Currently I am playing a death domain cleric who worships Takhisis but I am a little confused on what the effect of Divine Intervention actually does. It suggests a cleric spell or domain spell could be cast, but this seems a little under powered for such a low chance of your deity actually intervening.
Would worshiping an evil god effect the outcome of this as well, putting other PCs in danger?
How would that god interact with the player?

  • Would she communicate with me?

  • Would she appear in a mortal form?

Best Answer

Ask your DM:

Describe the assistance you seek […] The DM chooses the nature of the intervention (PHB, p. 59)

That is all you or I know about this. We can't tell you what form it will or can take, because the literal rule is that the DM gets to make something up that seems appropriate to the exact situation and your specific request at the time. Whether or not the intervention of an evil god would be different from the intervention of a non-evil god is included in that β€œit's up to the DM.”

So, you'll have to ask your DM β€” and be prepared for the possibility that your DM will respond that you'll have to try it during play to find out.