[RPG] How would one alter the stats on animated armor to reflect a wooden statue instead


I want to hit my (low-level) players with an animated ship's figurehead. I was toying with stats for the Sea Hag, but an animated suit of armor might work better. I'm thinking the damage resistances would be less, but it would have similar condition immunities.

Best Answer

Animated Armor doesn't have any damage resistance, but it does have Immunity to Poison and Psychic damage. I think you should keep those. I'd add Vulnerability to Fire damage - it's wood, after all.

I'd also lower the AC - wood would be less protective than plate armor. You then have a choice of increasing HP to maintain the challenge, or making up for that in some other way - more opponents, environmental hazards, more damaging attacks, etc.

Since you're dealing with a low-level party, increasing the damage of attacks could be lethal. You might be best off adding another attack option. My suggestion:

Animated Figurehead - as Animated Armor (MM 19), except:
AC 14
HP 60
Vulnerable: Fire

Entangle. Ranged Attack: Range 30', one target must succeed on a DC 13 DEX save or be Restrained until they use an action to make a successful DC 13 DEX save.