[RPG] How would one throw an unwilling creature


My bugbear barbarian, who can lift about double the weight of a wolf, wanted to throw the wolf at a second wolf. How would we go about doing that given existing rules options?

Best Answer

Change the Description of a Normal Attack

If a player just wants to an damage opponent in a cool way, it's easiest to conduct it as the PC's normal attack, but describe it however you want (without any mechanical change).

Alternately, if the player wants to move an opponent to another square, you can use the Shove or Moving a Grappled Creature options (re-flavoring as needed).

Story time: last night my barbarian player wanted to clobber the Big-Bad, using a nearby minion as a club (as you do). I simply said "Sure. You have two attacks, so we'll assign one to each". He hit with both (crit'd actually) and we described the glorious carnage exactly as he specified.

If he had only one attack, we probably would've still described it mostly the same (but only one opponent would've lost HP). Indeed, players really don't even need permission to describe their attacks in a cool way, since they are just following the normal rules. Plus, if the DM likes it: he is free to give advantage to the attack(s).