[RPG] I keep switching characters, how to stop


I have been playing in a couple of campaigns recently as a player rather than a DM, and I have noticed a trend. I build characters that are flavorful in one way or another, memorable, fun characters. Everyone enjoys them, including me. They sometimes have goals and growth opportunities.

However, I often grow bored of a character after as little as one session, and think up another one, sometimes collaborating with my DM to kill off the old one in place of a "better" one. Even after replacing a character in this manner, I sometimes go as far as to come up with an even better idea ("better" being an opinion based on flavor) for a character, sometimes going through 4 or 5 characters in the span of as many sessions.

Has anyone else had this kind of indecisiveness in choosing a character, or dealt with it in another player? If so, how did you "fix" it? Is there a way for me to control my wish to continue switching characters?

I personally believe it is a problem with myself, not the party, or the DM, or the campaign, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

Best Answer

I have (kind of) the same problem as you

I, too, like to create new, flavourful characters. Most of the time upon reading, or sometimes spontaneously, I think of a new, cool concept that I'm dying to try. I flesh it out, give it a story, connect it to the game.

But the thing that prevents me from switching all the time from a character to a new one, is that (to me) a "good" flavorful character is one you develop and make go from the first to the last page of its story.

I can't do so in the span of a party. What is gonna happen to the kidnapped princess of the adventurous plumber if I decide to play instead a blue hedgehog? Giving them a story, and goals, and relatives is how I get attached to them and resist the temptation to ask for a new character too often.

Your flavour should support a prolonged exposure of the character, and be revealed in all its epic glory over time. (Otherwise, it's probably not that deep, if you've depleted it in a single session?)

PS: Yeah, the comment linking to the other thread was meant to help you in case you find an answer in it. I was about to reply in comment, and I started arguing and... well, I had an answer.