[RPG] I picked the wrong spells as a wizard, how to recover


Being a newcomer to DnD (5e), I got invited to a campaign with some friends. It is my first time playing tabletop DnD. Video games like Neverwinter Nights was my only experience with DnD.

I now play an Wizard Aasimar (spiritual Aasimar).
My school is Conjuration, background is Sage.

We all started at 5th level. I did research and created my character. Two sessions later I find myself being useless in the party except from some really occasional healing. I have already been unconscious from a one shot AoE spell.
(No, luck wasn't on my side when rolling for max hp either). I rarely get to use spells other than some cantrips.

The DM for this campaign is DMing for the first time which probably doesn't help either.

I picked a lot of utility and conjuration spells. I am obviously missing out on firepower, and the utility spells that I have never seem to fit our situation.

How do I recover from this?

I tried checking out the shops for scrolls that I could scribe in my spellbook. But they were really expensive and not so useful. The best choice I had was clairvoyance for 50gp. Our raid on the goblin camp failed, horribly, as in jump in the middle and get ripped to shreds because there appeared more than we accounted for. I am down to the 15 gp I began with.

I am really stuck with my character and don't know what to do. The spells in my spell book don't seem to be much help in our adventures. What now?

Here are my spells:

  • Cantrips:

    • Acid Splash
    • Light

      A fellow party member obtained the robe of eyes, so I should be careful when casting this.

    • Fire Bolt

    • Poison Spray
    • Mage Hand

      Other party member has a better version of Mage hand that can carry more, do damage and more.

  • 1st level:

    • Find Familiar
    • Fog Cloud

      When does this come in handy? The only situation I can think of is escaping.

    • Identify

    • Grease
    • Magic Missile
    • Tenser's Floating Disk

      This sounded okay in my head when I picked it but I don't see any situation I might be using it, also we now have a newer party member who is too heavy for this spell.

    • Unseen Servant

      I really need to find out what one can do with this.

    • Feather Fall

      Other party member has the same spell.

  • 2nd level:

    • Suggestion

      It sounds powerful but I don't know how and when to use it.

    • Flaming Sphere

    • Misty Step

      As a caster I should stay at the back of the party to prevent getting hit, where would I even want to go to and become an easier target?

    • Web

  • 3rd level:

    • Fly
    • Stinking Cloud

      Great, now that they might be puking, how do I and others even see them? (Magic Missile :p )

Best Answer

Change how you play your wizard so those are the right spells

With the spells you've listed you can play an effective wizard but it will likely require changing up your play style. Let's look at some tactics that suit your spells.

Blast 'em

This isn't going to be your strong suit but there are plenty of opportunities to contribute with some straight up blasting. You have a variety of damage spells that target different enemy weaknesses.

  • Lumbering, low dex save enemy?
    • Acid splash, flaming sphere
  • Heavily armored tank?
    • Magic missile
  • Wispy, fey thing?
    • Poison Spray
  • Average joe?
    • Fire bolt

Remember that you can cast the Magic Missile and Flaming Sphere as higher level spells to maximize their damage when it counts.


For the rest of the party to do damage they need to stay alive. The best way to keep them alive is to keep the enemy from being able to attack them. You excel in this area.

  • A bunch of archers with cover

    • Fog Cloud is incredible here. It's 120ft range means you may be able to cast it without getting into the archer's effective range, and once it's on top of them the rest of your team can close safely. Dropping it on top of the enemy cover can also force them to expose themselves to the ranged members of your team. Alternatively you can use Fog Cloud as temporary cover for your team allowing thieves to hide, other casters to buff, or just forcing the enemy to close with you.
  • Party is out numbered or flanked

    • Grease/Web/Stinking Cloud are so good. You pick some part of the battle and say, "That part sucks now". Web/Stinking Cloud can lock groups enemies out of the fight functionally turning one Deadly encounter into two Easy ones. Pick the best spell depending on what saves you think the enemies will fail.
  • Enemy is really hard to hit

    • We already talked about Web but it's worth talking about again. Enemies caught in a Web end up restrained which gives your allies advantage on their attacks. Against high AC enemies this can be crucial. You can also follow up with your Fire Bolt for an interesting combo.

Your remaining spells have solid general utility as well.

  • Enemy is hard to get to? Make the Fighter fly.
  • Enemy rushing you to try and break your concentration? Misty step to safety, and since it's a bonus action follow up with something.
  • You captured a Kobold but he doesn't want to tell you about all the traps upahead? Suggest he talks to save his skin.

Overall you have a wide range of spells and should be able to find a use for them in most situations.