[RPG] Identifying a tabletop book that has a panther with blue swirls on the cover


I'm likely fishing for a needle in a haystack but my daughter spotted a tabletop RPG book in a game store a while back and I'm trying to track it down as a possible Christmas gift. Unfortunately, I don't even know if it was D&D or some other system.

What my daughter remembers is that it had a picture of a "panther with blue swirls" on the cover.

I remember glancing inside and it seemed like a D&D "Adventure Book" like Candlekeep Mysteries or The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. It had lots of illustrations of maps or various creatures in that setting.

I've done lots of searching but haven't been able to track down this book.

Does anyone in the community know what this book might be?

Best Answer

It is The Wild Beyond the Witchlight alternate cover.

enter image description here

Seems to to fit quite well with the “panther with blue swirls” description, and is consistent with the other info you’ve provided; it contains maps and creatures, is full size, glossy, $50, and has fairies. The product page can be found here, with this description of the alt cover:

On the Alt-Cover:

Hydro74 presents Star, a displacer beast kitten that loves adventuring in the Feywild. A wondrous magic item called the Witchlight vane graces the back cover.

The artist's webpage can be found here: Hydro74.

If this is correct, be advised this is an adventure book written for a dungeon master to run the game for a group of players. This will not tell you how to play the game. For some information on getting started with D&D 5e, see this Q&A: What resources are really needed to start 5e?

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