[RPG] If a mount without a saddle dashes does the rider need a saving throw


If a mount without a saddle dashes does the rider need a saving throw? Specifically if the mount is a player controlled dire wolf and another character hops on his back. The mounted combat rules are pretty slim and mention that… (PHB 155)

Saddles. A military saddle braces the rider, helping you keep your seat on an active mount in battle. It gives you advantage on any check you make to remain mounted. An exotic saddle is required for riding any aquatic or flying mount.

But what are these conditions that merit checks to remain mounted? Does a dash of 50' in 6 seconds knock a rider off?

I don't think there are very many more rules for 5e mounted combat at the moment, so maybe someone with knowledge of how this might have worked in editions past could answer with some of that info. I'm just looking for some experienced insight into how mounted mechanics might play out.

Best Answer

There are not rules for riding with a non-military saddle vs riding bareback, though that would be within the rights of the DM to rule as such (the rules are currently silent on the difference, and only provide an explanation that a military saddle provides advantage on checks to stay mounted).

Dash is one of the normal action types for a nonintelligent mount, so I would definitely not make you make a check in that case unless another circumstance arose.

There are effects that would dismount you. The most common is an effect that moves your mount against it's will (DC 10 Dex save).

The rules for mounts are outlined in two places p198 and p155. It would be good to review these two pages to get the full picture on what is and is not codified currently about mounts.