[RPG] If an Umbral Blot came up against a black Hole, what would win


Thanks to DM logic, the characters in our epic-level campagin started layering spell over spell until we ended up creating a black hole. Don't ask how. These things tend to happen in our campaign.

As we were figuring out how to deal with the singularity we just created, one of the players asked about Black Balls/Umbral Blots, and how they would fare against a black hole, what with both of them tending to be unstoppable matter devourers, so which would win in a fight?

I apologize if this comes out as confusing, because I'm not even sure if I'm asking the proper question either.

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Fluff+Some Crunch Answer

The Epic Level Handbook has two relevant things to say about the umbral blot:

A hovering sphere of absolute void, an umbral blot (sometimes called a blackball) is an extraordinarily dangerous opponent to any who come into contact with it.

An umbral blot is an odd anomaly that's actually kinda the reverse of a black hole. Instead of tons and tons of matter densely packed into a small volume, the umbral blot is no matter, somehow taking up space. The fact that it's an absolute void would mean that it has almost no interaction with a black hole. You need mass or energy to be affected by gravity, and an umbral blot, having absolutely nothing in it, would simply not interact (as far as I can tell).

The other important thing that the Epic Level Handbook lists is the Disintegrating Touch ability:

Disintegrating Touch (Ex): Any material object that comes into contact with a blackball is immediately disintegrated unless it succeeds at a Fortitude save (DC 38). A character or object that has been disintegrated by an umbral blot disappears completely, leaving behind not even dust to mark its passing.

Unlike umbral blots, black holes are actually made of something. They have mass and matter, and would be objects. If an umbral blot makes its way towards a black hole, it wouldn't care about its gravity, and if it ran through a black hole, the umbral blot would win. Complete and utter disintegration for the black hole, not even leaving any traces behind. The umbral blot has greater teleport at-will, so if it decides to, it might just teleport right into the black hole and eat it for the fun of it.

I'd imagine the result of the sudden loss of gravitational pull on things orbiting the black hole would be quite interesting.

Alternative Answer

The umbral blot is still, somehow, a creature. If you're a strong enough grappler, you can even grab it and wrestle it into submission. Don't ask me how, it just works. If the rules you're using for black holes has rules for interacting with creatures, it would be affected as normal, regardless of how it actually should work based on its composition.

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