[RPG] If I have the Armor of Shadows Eldritch Invocation, do I know the Mage Armor spell?


The warlock's Eldritch Invocation "Armor of Shadows" says:

You can cast mage armor on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot or material components.

Does this mean I know the spell? That is, can I cast it on someone else by expending a spell slot and material component as normal?

Best Answer

No, the spell is not a known spell on your list

The invocation merely grants you the ability to cast it at will - but it is not considered one of your 'spells known'. The language you quote simply states that you may cast it at will. But the qualifier you also quote remains:

cast mage armor on yourself

That is the only way you can cast it - but you can cast it at will. This is very helpful in cases of dispel magic or other means that may end the spell before you'd like it to end. It also doesn't use up a spell slot to maintain your mage armor, which is a huge benefit - especially with the limited slots a Warlock has.