[RPG] If I multiclass the unarmed monk into rogue, which archetype is best suited for unarmed combat


Goal: Battlefield controller able to zip around stunning casters and offering help to Assassin/fighter and Barbarian/fighter melee.

The strategy I plan on using is having my Monk run to the back and stun the biggest threat caster, so ranged can take them out easier. Next, help the Melee dps with help/proning/grappling/stunning. All the while I hope to avoid damage with superior movement and denying opportunity attacks.

I'm level 4 Genasi (earth) Monk currently and feel like I messed up by taking an ASI instead of the Mobile feat. My group plans to play to 20 and beyond, but I'm not optimizing for damage just utility and mobility. My plan is to go either 17 Monk/3 Rogue, or 20 Monk.

My question is mostly:
If I do dip into rogue, what would be the best archetype for an unarmed monk?

The one that interested me the most is Scout as I really think the Skirmisher feature is good for what I want to do as well as the free expertise.

The only restriction on my character is an RP one: No weapons, armor, or magic, but can use enchanted items.

Group: We're all level 4 currently using DnD Beyond so all material are available, and only the Gunslinger has any experience.

Healer: Cleric (Life Domain)

Ranged DPS: Ranger/Fighter/Gloom Stalker & Fighter/Gunslinger

Melee DPS: Barbarian/Fighter(Path of the Totem[Bear]) & Fighter/Rogue(Assassin)

Caster: Wizard (School of Divination)

Best Answer

Don't go Rogue if you don't use Sneak Attack

Most of the other features can be replicated with Ki points.

Fights are usually not longer than 3 rounds, so it is 3 Ki points per fight for disengage. This is exactly as many as you lose by spending (wasting) 3 levels on Swashbuckler.
This of course depends on the number of encounters your DM usually uses.

The main reason for a Monk to multiclass to Rogue is Sneak Arrack.

Don't take the Mobile feat either

You (and your party) should focus your fire, one Ogre dead and one alive deals half as much damage as two wounded ones.

The only good reason to run around on the battlefield is to stun as many opponents as possible.
If Stunning Strike works, the Mobile feat is not needed to avoid opportunity attacks, if not, you should stay and keep trying.
The best assistance you can provide to the Rogue (besides stunning) is staying next to his target to trigger his Sneak Attack.

Scout's Skirmisher

DnD is a team sport; if the enemy can't get to you, they will just beat up your friends instead. The net outcome for your party does not change, unless your AC is significantly lower than the other's.
That should not be the case, if you did point buy.