[RPG] I’m a DM and I want a hiatus but don’t know how to tell the players


So I started DMing before this pandemic and I loved it, however the swap to online has been extremely rough and every session I am extremely stressed out to the point where I lose sleep and am picking up some of my old bad habits.

I want to put the campaign on hiatus, but all the players have put effort into their characters and are my friends and I don't want to disappoint them.

How do I step down from being DM and put the game on hold until we're back in-person.

Best Answer

The only way to tell them is to tell them.

I went through exactly the same thing. (As described in my profile.) And getting it off my chest felt wonderful. Here's the email I sent them, if you want to mine it for any bits you can use:

I'm also getting overwhelmed with [remote work], homeschooling 3 kids, and coronavirus... in the back of my mind this week I've been wondering if I need a break from running, so if there's something you've got in mind you've wanted to try/do--some one-shots, online boardgames, a bridge tournament--bring that to the table tonight and we can gather ideas.

For a lot of people stay-at-home/quarantine has been a great time to get in more gaming, and I've certainly reconnected with old friends in new ways. But gaming online with the people who I used to sit around a table with every week was not working for me, and I know them well enough to know that when this-all's passed, we can resume without hard feelings.