[RPG] In case a trigger for a readied action is someone else’s reaction, what is resolved first


I asked if you can ready an action with someone's reaction as a trigger. The answer is YES.

But I'm still not sure – in such a case (i.e. a trigger for reaction being another reaction) – which reaction is resolved first, the triggered one or the triggering one?

Does the readied action interrupt someone else's reaction that triggered it? Is there a possibility of a chain of such consecutively triggering and consecutively interrupted reactions?

Best Answer

The trigger is resolved first

From the rule on the Ready action:

… take your Reaction right after the trigger finishes

This applies specifically to the Ready action; Reactions that don’t depend on the Ready action (e.g. opportunity attacks, reaction spells) have their own rules.

Some of these, like Counterspell , specifically interrupt the trigger (so, yes, you can Counterspell a Counterspell). Others don’t. And one, Shield, has a weird time-travel effect.

However, for anything hanging off the Ready action, the trigger gets fully resolved first.

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