[RPG] In D&D 4E, can a changeling change its biological sex


Simply put, can a Changeling change its sex… physically?

Specifically, I had an incident where a female PC tried to change into a male but I told her that a Changeling can't change 'reproductive organs'. Just wondering if I was wrong at that point.

Best Answer


The Changeling Disguise ability reads:

Effect: You alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any Medium humanoid.

It is not restricted to any medium humanoid of the same sex.

Also, note the suggested names for Changelings in the book. Unlike the other races, they are not separated by sex. Changelings have just one list of names.

From the Eberron Player's Guide pg 29

A changeling who travels frequently might change identities from town to town, swapping genders, appearances, and voices to blend in within each new community.

Just noticed that all of the above is also in the DDI entry for Changeling. I didn't realize they added that much of the supplemental material there.

As to answering questions like:

  • Can a changeling's parts functional?
  • Can a changeling conceive regardless of his/her original sex?
  • Does it matter if a changeling polymorphs while pregnant?

While they are interesting questions, the game as written doesn't specify how reproduction happens for any race. We can't answer questions about what happens when a dwarf and an elf "get together", much less the particulars of changeling reproduction! @Brian's answer gives excellent guidance as to what you and your group can do to figure things out if you want to go down that road.