[RPG] In Pathfinder, does the summoner or the GM control the eidolon


I'm starting up a summoner character in a Pathfinder campaign, but we're a little unsure of the rules for eidolons. While I know the summoner is the one who tells her eidolon what to do, I'm wondering whether the player or the GM decides what the eidolon actually does.

Best Answer

There's no fixed rule for this, so it will be up to you and your GM to work this out.

An Eidolon has its own feelings, and Intelligence score, and the same alignment as you.

I would say that 90% of the time, the Eidolon should be controlled by the player. If the GM needs to have a RP moment between you and the Eidolon, then that is a situation where it might be valid. (Or if the GM feels that you are not playing the Eidolon's alignment or whatnot).

An important thing to remember, is the Eidolon is a crucial part of your class skills and features, and I feel it would be unsatisfying for you to not get to play your Eidolon.

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