[RPG] Is a fumble on a natural 1 an official rule


I am currently a player in a D&D 3.5 game where rolling a 1 on any attack roll is not only an automatic miss, but also means that something "bad" happens – such as dropping your sword, falling over prone, etc. The DM insists that this is part of the core rules, but I cannot find a reference to it anywhere.

Is the Natural 1 Epic Failure an actual official rule, or just a house rule that my DM forgot was a house rule?

Best Answer

In 3rd edition this was not an official rule, but a very common house rule.

If it was added in 3.5 I'd be surprised, as this is not a very "fun" rule unless you have a group who enjoys the humor of it.

The following item has a rule set for this house rule.