[RPG] Is a paralyzed creature limp or rigid


When a creature is paralyzed, is it rigid (akin to frozen or petrified but not stone) or limp like a rag doll? Specifically, what happens to what they are holding? Do they have it in a death grip or does it fall from their saggy hands?

The picture in the book doesn't clarify. Looks like he has armor/greaves like a warrior but empty hands, suggesting limp, but his arms are up, suggesting rigid. The pose looks like he was either doing the karate kid crane or a dance dance revolution move.

Best Answer

They are as rigid as when paralysis began

Loss of muscle tone, "going limp", would result in the creature collapsing and being prone. That is only specified in the unconscious condition. That collapse and prone effect is not stated for the paralyzed condition.

Paralyzed means unable to move. Moving would require changing the relaxation or contraction of muscles. Since the creature cannot move in this way, they are as rigid as when the paralyzed condition began. A relaxed arm remains relaxed and unable to be raised. A tensed arm or hand remains as it was unable to relax.