[RPG] Is a speech trying to convince a crowd of something a persuasion or a performance check


If I'm say, trying to convince a group of soldiers to follow me(a player) into a fight, or a crowd to riot, or otherwise convincing a large group of people via oration to do something (maybe it's a more modern setting and I'm trying to convince people to vote for me), would this be a persuasion check? (I want you to do x…) or a performance check (I'm doing something in front of a large crowd of people, trying to get something out of it).

If it's a performance check, at what scale do I need to switch between persuasion to performance?

Or is it both?

Best Answer

Persuasion to Convince a Crowd

The core rules include cases of groups in their examples of persuasion checks:

Examples of persuading others include convincing a chamberlain to let your party see the king, negotiating peace between warring tribes, or inspiring a crowd of townsfolk.

Performance is about Entertainment


Your Charisma (Performance) check determines how well you can delight an audience with music, dance, acting, storytelling, or some other form of entertainment.


One might attempt to use a combination to overcome an obstacle where the end goal is to convince a large crowd. The character might begin with performances to attract enough people to form a sufficiently large crowd, and then transition to persuasion to convince the group of something.