[RPG] Is an unlikely coincidence bad storytelling


I am the DM in a fairly new d&d 5e campaign. In it is a kobold barbarian who was once a dragon-shield in a now destroyed tribe. The black dragon wyrmling the tribe worshiped/protected is presumed dead by him. Another character is a dragonborn paladin of Bahamut who is taking the oath of redemption for a violent nature he struggles to control. Both characters have been bonding a lot over their past failures and desire to be better.

I had an idea that the party could find the wyrmling at some later point, having been imprisoned by someone connected to the campaign's BBEG. They would then have the opportunity to protect the dragon from the BBEG and share their conviction to be "good" with the dragon who would have had an evil tendency otherwise. As a note I tend to treat alignments in sentient mortal creatures as changeable to varying degrees.

Is this a bad idea from a storytelling perspective to give this opportunity?

Best Answer

It is very good storytelling.

One of my top tips for DMs is, if you can shove player's past into the mix and make it look flawlessly pre-meditated, the players will adore you. It is always good to have the player's backstories come haunt them enough to push them into action but little enough as to not make an entire campaign centered around two of these characters.

But that doesn't mean that the spotlight can't shine over one or two players every now and then. That and, hey! It lets them also integrate with each other, and a party that's integrated is a party that will participate with the story much better and runs less risk of splitting up.

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