[RPG] Is Having the Players Control Two Parties a Good Idea


I'm new to DMing, and I'm currently working on a 5e homebrew campaign that I'll be running. At some point in the campaign (most likely towards the middle; this campaign will probably average-length), I'd like to have my players create another party. This one will be working for the main villain of the campaign, doing missions such as collecting artifacts and assassinations. My plan is to have the two parties meet at some point and fight, with the players controlling both sides of the encounter (save for a DM-controlled NPC).

Is this a good idea? If not, is there something else that could work? Should I have my party only control the good guys in the encounter?

Best Answer

In my experience and from reviewing many sites and DM pages, this is not a good idea. It would be a great player to not metagame in this scenario. The campaign could break if they aren't able to separate player knowledge and character knowledge.

What you could do is run a separate campaign for another separate group of players in an "evil campaign". Then later at the end of the campaign bring both groups together for the final showdown. You would want to limit the amount of players in both groups so it wouldn't bog down the game in the end. You could even have an evil PC come in at different times to frustrate the other group or vice versa.

I would recommend that you let the players in both groups know what is going on so when one group loses at the end they won't be too upset.